Coeliac Awareness WeeK

13 – 20 March, annually

Organisation: Coeliac Australia.

Coeliac disease remains one of the most under-diagnosed conditions in Australia.

Public recognition of coeliac disease and the potential reactions to gluten (often self-diagnosed!) have never been higher, yet awareness of the condition among medical professionals continues to be low.

Coeliac Australia’s consider coeliac disease campaign aims to increase awareness and the diagnosis of coeliac disease nationally.

Coeliac disease is a serious medical illness, affecting 1 in 70 of the population. However, 80 per cent of affected Australians remain undiagnosed.

Coeliac Australia aims to reach the many thousands of Australians unaware they are living with coeliac disease and help them to recognise symptoms and take steps towards diagnosis and treatment.

Website: www.coeliac.org.au/CAW/


Coeliac Awareness WeeK