Controversy at Health Freak!

Why we ask you to leave if you bring external food into our Gluten Free Cafes!

Did you know that if you walk into a Health Freak Café with food of your own that has not been purchased on our premises then one of our friendly staff will ask you leave?

In most cases when this happens our customers understand completely, in fact once we explain ourselves our staff will often get an apology, but in some instances customers will take this offensively.

In honour of Coeliac awareness week we thought we would let you know why!

Did you know that Health Freak Café is a 100% GLUTEN FREE CAFÉ?

We guarantee that every Health Freak Café premises’, our entire menu, and both our onsite and offsite kitchens are 100% gluten free and 100% safe for the Coeliac Community.

This is our promise to you, and the promise goes far beyond the desires to live a healthy lifestyle.

People choose a gluten free lifestyle for many reasons.  For many individuals, the advantages and benefits of a gluten free diet translate to better health and increased energy.

Living a Gluten Free Lifestyle for some people however is not “choice” and rather their only option.

There are many people in our Australian society diagnosed with Coeliac disease, others with gluten intolerance and /or allergies, and those people are forced to live a gluten free life. For these people living a gluten free lifestyle is a life sustaining option for them.

There is no drug or medication for coeliac disease, there is no cure. Avoiding gluten is the only medical treatment that a Coeliac has available to them. Real ‘gluten-free’ status in Cafes and correct labelling on food packaging is essential for the health of a Coeliac.

For a person affected by Coeliac Disease eating a product containing gluten will in fact make them sick, dining out can often be a difficult and unenjoyable task, being exposed to even the slightest amount of gluten can lead to acute abdominal pain, this pain can last for days and continued exposure can lead to long term negative side effects.

This is only a very small insight into the life of a person who has coeliac disease. It is a serious medical illness, affecting 1 in 70 of the population. However, 80 per cent of affected Australians remain undiagnosed.

So when you visit our cafes please do not bring food with you and please understand that for some people this is not a lifestyle choice, but rather their only choice.

Health Freak Café is a 100% gluten and sugar free café. The next time you try to walk in with food from an outside source, our friendly staff will ask you to leave and we hope now that you understand why!


Controversy at Health Freak!