The cult of Kindness

When we think of stressful jobs, being a waitress in a restaurant usually isn’t the first thing that comes to mind.

Scientists have found that being a waiter is more stressful than a neurosurgeon. You’d think that performing an intricate surgery would be more stressful, but hear us out:

  • Results showed that found intense jobs which offer employees very little control are often more stressful than we realise. On top of that, those in the food industry have a 22% (33% for women) chance of having a stroke from the stress.
  • It seems as if research suggests work stress depends on the level of control and respect one has in his/her role, so a neurosurgeon may be exhausted after a day’s operating, but they probably feel more valued in their workplace than a waiter.
  • This means feeling undervalued, under appreciated, physically exhausted and over worked can have a real negative impact on one’s wellbeing.

Perhaps when we next eat out, we could take a moment to smile or say thank you to the weary staff. You’d never know, they could’ve been having a really rough day and just that one gesture of kindness could change everything.

At Health Freak Cafe, we ensure that all staff are paid fair wages, take their proper breaks, and are treated with respect. We aren’t afraid to stand up for our staff if they are being mistreated by customers, and we ask for understanding as there are times when it gets overwhelmingly busy, and our staff aren’t able to keep up. If you have any issues, our friendly staff are always keen to help, or to refer you to someone who can if they aren’t able to!

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The cult of Kindness