Scarborough Beach Works

Scarborough Beach, we are one of Australia’s best beach fronts and finally it has been announced that works have increased along The Esplanade!

The MRA have informed the public that these is now a big focus on completing the footpaths and roads in front of businesses, just in time for what’s to be a very hot WA Summer!

Health Freak Cafe Scarborough Beach is open daily from 7:00am, find us on The Esplanade and opposite the clock tower.

Free parking is available in all northern carparks with the lower car parks reopened last week.

Our beachside cafe offers all of your Health Freak Cafe menu item favorite’s, Loaded Freak Shakes, Juices, Smoothies, Acai Bowls and Coco Whip.

Finally the construction is winding down so let’s get down to Scarborough Beach, support all of the local businesses within the area and recreate our amazing coastal suburb.

“Where everything is gluten and sugar free.”


Scarborough Beach Works