Make Your Meals Work For You

It’s always a topic that sparks a lot of debate.

If you are Health Freak Cafe then why do you serve meat?

If you are Health Freak Cafe why do you have high calorie meals on your menu?

How are your Loaded Freak Shakes healthy?

Why do you promote desserts?

This list can go on.

The reality is that every person on this planet will have a different perception of health and what being “healthy” means to them.

For the avid fitness enthusiast health may mean five to six meals per day, moderate portion sizes, consisting of lean meat proteins, vegetables, starch carbohydrates and a small amount of healthy fats.

For the “vegan” or the “plant based” eater, health will mean to them no meat products, no dairy, no honey and no refined sugars. As the term “plant based” suggests, their nutrition will only come from plant based, natural products.

For the person unable to maintain a healthy weight range who is severely underweight, health may mean ordering double protein meals, adding increased healthy fats as a side to their order, or consuming more calories by ordering a Loaded Freak Shake as an addition to have with their lunch.

For the busy office worker limited by time who is continually finding themselves reaching for the cookie jar and microwaving frozen prepackaged meals for their lunch, a healthy option for them would be to choose from our range of healthy snacking retail products and freshly made grab and go’s, providing them with sustained natural energy to get them through their work day.

For the person severely over weight and addicted to refined sugar, health may mean walking into Health Freak Cafe and choosing from our dessert list rather than their usual fast food outlet. This may be the very first step to making a major life change for that person.

There is no stereotype for an individual who walks into Health Freak Cafe, and when it comes to diet and food preference there is certainly not a “one size fits all” approach.

We are not here to tell you how to eat, or what to eat. At Health Freak Cafe we do not discriminate against food choices, some people won’t agree with that statement, and we are okay with that.

Our Cafes are not here to force or enforce anything, we are here to encourage good health and to support you in making the best choices for your life possible.

Our Cafes are here to provide a platform so that whatever you decide is your food preference, and remember you’re the one making the decision, we provide the platform that is conducive to your choices – and what you eat should always be YOUR CHOICE.

What we recommend is that you make your meals work for you. Make them work for your lifestyle, make them work for your fitness and your physique goals, make sure that every food choice that you make, makes you feel GOOD, inside and out.

Feel bloated and lethargic after eating meat? Perhaps an indication that you may need to cut it out or significantly reduce your intake.

Have slow digestion after consuming dairy? Again, perhaps another indication that dairy products may not agree with your body.

Feeling tired by 3pm and quick to reach for the cookie jar? Consider increasing the amount of calories in your meals over breakfast, morning tea and lunch so that you have sustained energy throughout your work day.

Your body sends you signals, and with those signals if you listen carefully, you should feel equipped to walk into Health Freak Cafe and make the right choices that add immense benefit to your health and to your life.

Remember we provide the platform, you choose what works best for you. When it comes to health and nutrition there is never a “one size fits all” approach, so listen to your body and make your meals work for to you.

“Take care of your body, it’s the only place you have to live.”

Make Your Meals Work For You