$1 for Type 1

We’ve recently partnered with the Type 1 Diabetes Family Centre to raise funds and bring awareness to what it means to live with type 1 diabetes.


Type 1 diabetes is a complex autoimmune disease resulting in the total destruction of certain cells in the pancreas, leaving a person unable to produce the hormone insulin which is vital for turning carbohydrates into energy. It’s usually diagnosed in children, with no prevention and no cure. Type 1 involves medical management around-the-clock, frequent blood tests and multiple doses of injected or pumped insulin each day alongside strict control of diet and activity.

TYPE 1 vs TYPE 2

$1 FOR TYPE 1 

By donating $1 in-store, you are supporting a family living with type 1 diabetes.

All proceeds raised go directly to the Type 1 Family Centre, which offers unique education programs, supportive connections, friendly clinical care and action-packed camps and events to help kids and adults with type 1 diabetes live without limits.

For more information about the Type 1 Family Centre and to check out their upcoming events, visit www.type1familycentre.org.au

Donations can be made at the counter of all participating Health Freak stores. Thank you for your generosity!


$1 for Type 1