A Fruit Cup a day keeps the doctor away!

We’ve recently discovered the amazing taste and convenience of Rainbow Fruit Cups and wanted to share the joy. Check it out below:


We used a clear coffee tumblr, but little clear plastic cups work fine too. Just remember that they can be washed and re-used and re-sued! (Or, our Health Freak Keep Cup works perfectly fine too)

Three colours or more work best, and you can literally use ANY fruit that is in season.

It’s so quick and easy – we just cut up the fruit the night before and layered them into the cups the next morning. Even better, you can make multiple cups at once, and they last for about 3-4 days once refrigerated.

A few other suggestions:

  • We tried using Kiwi to create the green layer, and found it didn’t hold up nearly as well as green grapes (sliced in half).  Honeydew might work as well, but we didn’t get to try that.
  • Purple grapes would be a great addition if you use honeydew or kiwi for the green layer.
  • Apples and bananas turn brown quickly, so avoid those if you don’t plan to finish eating it within the same day.
  • We used tangerines for the orange layer, but mango or pineapple would be fantastic!
  • Layer it all at the last minute to keep the colors nice and bright.

Tip: Layer in some coconut cream or yoghurt here and there, and viola! A sweet treat for all ages!




Inspiration: http://myfrugaladventures.com/2013/09/rainbow-fruit-cups-healthy-snack-for-children

A Fruit Cup a day keeps the doctor away!