Eat Breakfast for Better Health!

Everyone has heard the saying that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. At Health Freak we give our own Freaky spin on breakfast. Rather than it being the most important meal of the day, we say that all meals are of equal importance. Every meal that you eat affects your health, therefore […]

Fancy a Quickie?!!

As a modern woman, do you ever find yourself wondering how to manage your career and personal life as well as finding the time to fit in an adequate fitness routine without running yourself ragged and burning-out? At Health Freak Café we are a united team of busy executive women, and as our amazing brand […]

Dragon Fruit, The Tropical Superfruit

Everyone loves Acai Bowls, and for good reason, but did you know that we have a Dragon Fruit Smoothie Bowl on our menu also? At Health Freak Café we love nothing more than making delicious meals out of SUPERFOODS! The word “super” in itself makes us as human beings feel like we are doing something […]