Health Food made Affordable at Health Freak!

Health Freak Cafe bases our food philosophy’s around clean eating and giving your body the nutrients that it needs to live a healthy, balanced, fulfilled and more active lifestyle.

Eating a well-balanced diet provides nutrients to your body giving you sustained all-day energy, which keeps your brain active and your body functioning optimally.

There is a stigma associated with healthy eating, especially here in Perth, that it is expensive to uphold a healthy lifestyle. That it is expensive to eat out and eat healthy.

Yes, your typical “fast food” is quick and inexpensive, but it does come at a cost, and that can be a cost in the long run to your health.

At Health Freak Café we aim to educate the everyday Australian person to make healthier choices. We teach you that healthy food doesn’t have to be boring or bland. We also demonstrate through our extremely diverse menu that making healthy choices does not mean food restriction or limitation.

Our goal is to enhance your quality of life. Which is why we say make positive food choices for improved life performance!

At Health Freak Café we aim to make health food something that is affordable for all people. Which is exactly why we offer $12 Steak Nights, and have recently introduced our new Breakfast Special – “Pulled Pork Egg Benedict with Healthy Hollandaise.”

At Health Freak Café we are breaking the social stigma that “it is expensive to eat out and eat healthy “and instead making healthy choices easy and affordable for all people. We want everyone to experience the benefits of eating high quality whole food nutrition.

Look out for our Monthly specials launching on the first day of every month!