Fancy a Quickie?!!

As a modern woman, do you ever find yourself wondering how to manage your career and personal life as well as finding the time to fit in an adequate fitness routine without running yourself ragged and burning-out?

At Health Freak Café we are a united team of busy executive women, and as our amazing brand continues to grow so to do the demands of our work schedules

We are certain that there are countless women out there who can relate.

Being motivated women whether that be the busy professional woman, the loving mother, or in many cases both, the one thing that most of us have in common is that too often we forget when to stop and find time for ourselves.

We women of the 21st century have become very well trained in being super professional, awesome multitasking machines and confident achievers but we have no idea how to give ourselves a break. Sometimes all it takes is a quick 30 minutes of literally prioritizing ourselves (and our health and fitness) to turn the day around!

Without doing this we end up feeling overworked, depleted and of course, self-care goes out of the window.

So whether you choose to focus more on career, health, fitness, family, or relationships at a particular time, the beauty always is that you do have the choice. It’s less about finding “balance” and more about making choices that allow you to feel successful in your career and fulfilled in your personal life, as well as healthy and fit — and there’s no one way to do it.

So without further ado we introduce you to our latest personal fitness venture called “Speed Fit”.

SpeedFit make use of an EMS machine (electronic muscle stimulation), which mimics the natural action of your central nervous system, sending electrical impulses that contract your muscles. In 20 minutes this machine will (apparently – we have only done one session so far, so don’t hold us accountable to this just yet!) do for you what hours in the gym can achieve.

Hours in the gym sorted in one 20-minute session? Yes, you heard me correctly, and this is exactly what caught out attention at such a busy period in our lives!

Further to the short workouts, the benefits to your health from EMS training include –

  • Improve your health and wellbeing.
  • Improve your posture.
  • Sculpt your body, lose weight and fat.
  • Build powerful muscles and strengthen your body.
  • Dramatically Reduce Cellulite.
  • EMS training is low impact and easy on your joints and tendons.

Over the next four weeks we will be documenting and blogging our EMS training program and the results, both physical and mental that we feel we have achieved from starting SpeedFit.

Of course any great physical activity program needs to be complimented with a well-balanced healthy diet.

With the launch of our latest range “Health Freak Macro Bowls” happening this coming Monday we thought what better time is there to do a self-experiment than now.

We will be implementing SpeedFit twice per week into our exercise routine, along with the introduction of Macro Bowls daily into our diet, and complementing this with consuming our latest range of PH Water which is very soon to hit our Health Freak Fridges – Ecana Organic and Natural PH Water – the most perfect drinking water you can find.

Our team goal is to improve our health related quality of life, increase our energy and productivity (if that is even possible!), and be looking AND feeling ab(solutley)-fab by Melbourne Cup day!

So we have been wired up (literally), we are ready to go, and we cannot wait to bring our findings to you!

Stay tuned for regular updates on our SpeedFit journey!

SpeedFit “The Smarter Workout”