Beau & Olga – Multi Site Owners

Health Freak Café Scarborough & Health Freak Café Innaloo

After both spending the last 10 years working in corporate, we felt we needed a change of scenery, so began looking for a business to purchase and spent a solid 6 months researching a wide range of opportunities. For a number of fundamental reasons, we made the decision to invest in a Health Freak Café.

There is a massive shift of consciousness with people paying more attention to their health and more specifically their diet. We believe healthy eating is not a fad and is gathering massive momentum. Health Freak is a dynamic brand which is constantly evolving and perfectly positioned to capitalize on this trend and make a massive difference in the community.

Nearly every day we speak to customers that have come to the café for the very first time and make it well known how happy they are to have found a café that caters to their various dietary requirements and they can’t wait to bring a friend or family member.

Hearing stories like this, combined with strong growth in revenue, is ongoing confirmation that we made the right investment choice and the reason we invested in a second Health Freak Café within 6 months from purchasing the first.

Rich and Kate – Health Freak Café Applecross

As two people who have been labelled ‘Health Freaks’ by friends and family it was very poignant when we came across the Health Freak Café franchise opportunity.

To be able to provide a product to people that enables our customers to eat healthy, delicious whole foods with a menu that provides the macros was a dream come true for us. We are so passionate about the importance of fueling our bodies with nutritious food and we believe being able to provide the Health Freak concept along with amazing customer service a privilege.

We feel blessed to be a part of the health Freak Café team and absolutely love seeing all our customers (regulars and new) leave satisfied and coming back for more.