Bek Antonucci – Operations and Marketing Executive.


It’s been almost ten years since Bek first found and fell in love with fitness. Leaving high school and without a gap year Bek began her marketing studies at Curtin University, but it wasn’t until she joined a gym and hired her first personal trainer that she truly found her passion.

A passion for fitness and for health, but most of all Bek discovered her love for sharing her passion and her good energy with those around her. Encouraging her friends and peers to live healthier lives, they then in turn became happier and more confident people. By working on their health, their entire lives improved. It seemed only a natural next step for Bek to pursue a career in fitness.

After a somewhat rather harsh introduction to the industry Bek has been on her own personal journey of health and wellbeing. She has experienced herself the highs and lows of taking her body to extreme physical conditions and witnessed many others around her do the same. Places that are perceived by society to be healthy, but in actual fact are not. Bek believed that the fitness industry was putting unrealistic societal pressures on women, and she began to lose faith in the fitness industry.

It is for this reason that Bek went in search to find an effective way to communicate a healthy message to those around her, women especially, that is not solely based upon physical appearance and extreme diet and exercise. This exact reason that Bek has aligned herself with the Health Freak brand. A brand that instead focuses on improving health, rather than solely focusing on improving appearance. A brand that focuses on nourishing the body and thoroughly enjoying life, and shares that powerful health focused message through food. Enjoying time spent with those around and improving quality of life by eating, enjoying and sharing in high quality, nutritionally dense whole foods.

Her role involves managing the Operations of Health Freak Café, Directing the Head Office Team, Media, PR, Social Media Management, Customer Service, Events and Functions Co-ordination, and providing support to the Franchisor.

Roel Pontilas – Head Corporate Chef

Roel Pontilas

Roel comes from a family who have always worked within the restaurant industry. Whether it be managing or cheffing, food for the Pontilas family was their forte. Roel underwent a cheffing apprenticeship through his brother, and so began his lifelong career in the kitchen.

Roel has gained International experience working in restaurants, cafes and six star resorts throughout Dubai, Saudi Arabia and Papua New Guinea and he has spent the past seven years working in Australia.

Roel believes in the importance of eating healthy, to have a healthy and happy life. This has become even more important in the Pontilas household when Roel’s wife had to undergo a kidney transplant. It has been ever since then that cooking healthy foods and making healthy lifestyle choices has become second nature in his home. Roel and his family must stay healthy by eating healthy food. For his wife he has to count and control all macronutrients, so that they can control her cholesterol levels and work towards her achieving her best health.

Roel is the head corporate chef of Health Freak and his role includes new menu item creation, product creation, quality control, production control and the training and induction of all new Health Freak chefs.

Becky Byass – Administration Executive

Becky Byass

Growing up Becky was blessed to spend mornings collecting fresh fruit and vegetables with her father who owned a local fruit truck. From a young age the value of fresh produce and healthy eating for all aspects of wellbeing was ingrained in her. She is passionate about nourishing the body and soul with wholesome food and believes that a healthy body begins with a healthy mind.

As she grew older she became aware of the harsh societal pressures affecting people today and felt it was vital to “flip the switch” and use modern media to encourage and empower one another. She credits a carefully planned diet and exercise regime for driving her fast paced lifestyle and keeping her feeling her best. In 2016 Becky completed her first triathlon and with the ongoing support of Health Freak she hopes to continue competing and encouraging others to reach their health and fitness goals.

After extensive travelling and living overseas Becky has returned to Perth. In her final semester of her degree at the University of Western Australia, she is delighted to progress from café manager to Health Freak Administration Executive.  Her role involves providing an extensive relationships service to all of the Health Freak Franchisees, compliance control and management, assisting the marketing team and working closely with, and providing support to the Operations Manager and Franchisor on all upcoming Health Freak projects.