Raluca Petrut – National Operations Manager


 Being active has always been part of Raluca’s life. Captaining the volleyball team, speed rollerblading (she won gold in the state competition!), and swimming are a few ways Raluca kept fit. She has passed the active gene on to her daughters who love training with the Perth City Swim Club, horseback riding and running.

 Eating wholesome meals, getting enough rest and being active have come into stronger focus for Raluca in the past year. Moving to Australia three years ago, she prioritized her career and her family adjusting well to life down under, that she forgot to listen to her body. Having more balance in her life is now a priority, as well as working on projects that she truly enjoys.

 Raluca’s experience spans almost two decades. Her journey has been one of continuous learning and discovery. Raluca has always planned her big moves well, while leaving some room for the excitement of the unknown. She has lived on three continents, completed three business degrees (including an MBA) and built a chain of bakery cafés in Toronto and Montréal. In Australia, Raluca changed direction slightly, entering the world of management consulting. However, the pull to a growing and exciting brand, which aligns perfectly with her current life goals, was incredibly strong and she decided to join the Health Freak brand as their National Franchise Manager.

 Raluca’s role is to assist in the operational alignment of the Health Freak Café brand and franchise system, providing support to the franchise partners and developing operations standards across the brand. She also assists with new restaurant openings and franchise partner training.

Bek Antonucci – Marketing & Communications Manager.


It’s been almost ten years since Bek first found and fell in love with fitness. After completing her marketing studies at Curtin University, she then entered the fitness industry and truly found her passion.

After a somewhat rather harsh introduction to the industry Bek has been on her own personal journey of health and wellbeing. She has experienced herself the highs and lows of taking her body to extreme physical conditions and witnessed many others around her do the same. Places that are perceived by society to be healthy, but in actual fact are not. Bek believed that the fitness industry was putting unrealistic societal pressures on women, and she began to lose faith in the fitness industry.

It is for this reason that Bek went in search to find an effective way to communicate a healthy message to those around her, women especially, that is not solely based upon physical appearance and extreme diet and exercise. This exact reason that Bek has aligned herself with the Health Freak brand. A brand that instead focuses on improving health, rather than solely focusing on improving appearance. A brand that focuses on nourishing the body and thoroughly enjoying life, and shares that powerful health focused message through food. Enjoying time spent with those around and improving quality of life by eating, enjoying and sharing in high quality, nutritionally dense whole foods.

Her role involves Marketing, Media, PR, Social Media Management, Customer Service and Events and Functions Co-ordination.