About Victoria

Victoria Carbone has always had an immense love and passion for her own personal health and fitness.

Establishing herself in her 20’s and 30’s as a high end, successful and extremely fast paced corporate business professional, exercise and fitness became her outlet.

Like all fitness people Victoria always placed an immense value on respecting her body through health and fitness, and eating nutritious, high quality, whole foods. As her work demands began to increase, time to prepare her own healthy homemade meals became less, this is when Victoria noticed the gap in the Perth market.

With her work demands increasing, like many people Victoria was forced to eat on the go, and this is when she quickly realised that in Perth there was nowhere for people to eat out and still be able to eat healthy. This when the “Health Freak” concept was born.

Working as a business accountant for almost a decade, Victoria knows the value of a well thought out business plan, and for the next 14 months of her life Victoria would spend her spare hours, both days and nights, working on her plan and further developing her concept.

Originally her café was meant to target the “Heath Freak” of the community, the avid fitness fanatic.

Then Victoria’s vision grew bigger.

Knowing that “health freaks” are already naturally motivated to be healthy and eat healthy, Victoria started to think of how her concept could be altered to make a widespread, lasting and positive impact on the world.

Recent research proved that coeliac disease, diabetes and the ever growing obesity epidemic were all high on the rise, and were only going to become increasingly more severe as time went on.

Victoria knew that this is something needed to change, and believed that with her concept she would be able to make a lasting and continued positive affect on society.

Victoria decided she would create a place where any person, with any dietary requirement, could dine and regardless of their special dietary requirement they could still enjoy eating out. They could actually find something on the menu that they are able to eat!

Further to that, not only would she feed, but she would also educate her customers on the benefits of high quality whole food nutrition.

The more that she thought about it the more she knew that this was the only way forward, Victoria decided to rebrand and expand her target market.

The rebrand changed her concept entirely. Originally focusing solely on the avid fitness fanatic, the new direction was to instead provide healthy, high quality, nutritious whole food for “the everyday person”, the person who wants to live a happier, healthier, richer and more fulfilling life.

The everyday person is any person and all people, because regardless of culture, regardless of age or gender, regardless of food preference or dietary requirement, and regardless of fitness goals, all people want to live happier, healthier, richer and more fulfilling lives, and all people can benefit from eating high quality whole food nutrition.

Through the Health Freak concept Victoria believes that this all can be achieved through her food. Frequent dining at her Health Freak Cafes creates healthier people, which in turn creates happier people, which ultimately creates a healthier and happier Australian society.

Victoria Carbone



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