Health Freak Café is a clean and healthy eating café. The menu is diverse catering for all your fitness, health and special dietary requirement needs and is both 100% gluten and refined sugar free.

The cafes create an atmosphere that encourages people of all ages to live a healthier life, from the younger generation of “Little Freaks” right through to the elder generation of clientele.

The cafés promote health, balance and holistic wellness through our menu, helping people to live happy, healthy, active and well balanced lives, whilst reinforcing positive eating habits for future generations.

Open for breakfast, lunch, dinner and guilt free dessert you’ll find an extensive range of delicious meals, catering for Vegans, Paleo, Coeliacs, Dairy Intolerance, Diabetics and many other dietary requirement needs.

Enjoy one of our many high protein, low carb, calorie controlled breakfast, lunch or dinner menu options. Not hungry enough for a meal? Health Freak Café has a vast range of fresh juices, coffees, antioxidant enriching drinks, superfood smoothies, protein shakes, Acai bowls, CocoFreak dessert bowls and lots of RAW cakes and slices.


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